PaBX Solutions

PaBX - or Private Automatic Branch Exchange, is the traditional telephone network used by businesses. PaBX are private telephone networks and they connect on-premises terminals to each other, reducing the number of rented lines needed, as users share the lines to make external calls.

A PaBX System will comprise of a control box, which is connected to an external PC which is running the PaBX management software. Technicians are often required for the installation and management of these systems.

At UTL Telecom Solutions, we are an experienced and trusted provider of PaBX systems, working suppliers Samsung, Avaya and Mitel. Samsung's OfficServ 7000 series is the cutting edge in PaBX technologies, providing the reliability of a traditional system, with some of the rich features you would expect to see in a Hosted VoIP solution.

Features of Samsung OfficServ 7000 Series

  • Flexible architecture that easily upgrades as your system grows
  • Enterprise-class routing and switching, these can be optimised for VPN or VoIP tunnelling 
  • Power built-in security - Protect your phones with an enterprise class firewall and an Intrusion Detection System(IDS)
  • Wireless technologies that support your on the move workforce while maximising convenience and productivity
  • Investment protection - migrate from one system to another using interconnecting infrastructure such as cabinets and phone-sets