Call Management Solutions

Modern phone systems can be fitting with a number of key features which can improve productivity amongst staff, improve customer service and keep your system secure.

Call Recording

Call recording is an important feature for any business. By recording calls, your business and staff are protected from disputes with customers or suppliers, as well as ensuring the success of future staff by producing an archive of training material.

With the modern software that can be provided alongside out telephony solutions, it has never been easier to search, record, play and archive calls, giving you complete control over the recordings of the calls your business makes and receives.

Call Logging

Having an effective Call Logging system can be a huge advantage to any business. Our logging software can allow you to analyze your telecoms system, allowing you to analyse the performance and usage of your system, allowing for effective cost management, as well as statistics on how well your staff are managing customer calls.

Our call logging software can provide features such as:

  • Cost Control - Costs of calls, costs of lines, data to analyse cost by team or department
  • Performance Management - How long different individuals, teams or departments are taking to answer calls, great for goal setting
  • Capacity Management - Judges whether the system is being over or under worked. Allows you to determine where systems may need to be expanded or costs could be cut
  • Quality of Service ReportingModern VoIP systems allow for you analyse the reliability and quality of your phone systems

Call Centre Management

Call Centre Management provides the tools to successfully manage staff, campaigns and resources, through a suite of powerful reporting and gamification tools. We supply a management solution provided by Akixi, which gives you deep insights into the performance of your staff.

Installing a Wallboard is a great way of introducing gamification into your business, which is a proven method of increasing performance of sales and support staff. Having a wallboard display to display factors such as the calls per day of sales staff, or the unreturned loss calls of support staff, you can increase productivity throughout your entire business.